Teruhiko turned acquainted Kiyotaka immediately after are groupmates in summer unique sample on Speranza

Teruhiko is temporarily observed in the survival shot, in which he berated the girls heavily employing more reliance with the points provided to him or her. Kiyotaka accepted their readiness in the endurance take to while the he was happy to take on a logical address, especially when Kanji got sound reason to possess enabling girls an effective best toilet.

He had the original feeling you to Kiyotaka and you may Kei have been airheaded because they appeared like they did not understand directions given by Mashima Tomoya, among coordinators of the test. In the end, he softly explained to her or him an entire specifics of the condition.

Though the guy remaining providing sharp commentary, inside frequency 6 of the light books, his reference to your changed into a very familiar form. He could be extremely next to Kiyotaka additionally the members of the Ayanokoji Category, where he could be discovered to be far more open that have Kiyotaka since well just like the other people in the team. Both of them are also towards the an initial-term basis along.

For the Volume seven, their closeness is actually emphasized when he candidly pointed out that Kiyotaka features zero principle that have lady since the his female household members change and differ from time to time. After that, they hung away into classification to discuss C-Classification, Christmas time and other some thing.

In frequency dos second age, whenever Kiyotaka found one of his ability, Keisei is one of angered of all the students during the classification 2-D. He actually believed that Kiyotaka duped just because the latest testing weren’t possible to obtain 100 get, additionally the simple fact that no other children except Kiyotaka will get a beneficial primary rating. No matter if Horikita informed me the difficulty on the class, Keisei think it is unbelievable and had wished to hop out this new Ayanokoji Class once the the guy are unable to faith Kiyotaka any more. But, shortly after Airi and you may Haruka intervenes, he chose to remain not as much as 1 status, which Kiyotaka need assist your throughout the analysis lesson. Kiyotaka agrees.

Haruka Hasebe

But not, Haruka got trying to find Kiyotaka at sporting events event in the frequency 5, where she became mesmerized from the their physical expertise in the race up against Manabu Horikita. She started to show the girl increasing demand for him from the dangling around him, heading as much as to even think him this lady finest boy. But not, the woman notice may or may not enjoys faded after she knew one to the lady friend Airi features extreme feelings for Kiyotaka, in which she made a decision to help their.

Nevertheless, she had been smiling and you can kept absolutely nothing up against your since she made it obvious he’d all the directly to like anybody he fancies, regardless if his choices did myself shock this lady

Inside frequency six, she began to mode a very close connection with your as the really as almost every other members of the latest Ayanokoji Classification, http://datingranking.net/it/incontri-sobri/ a group which had been built by the the woman and you will loyal it so you can Kiyotaka. She plus gave Kiyotaka the brand new nickname “Kiyo-pon” or “Ayanon” as they seemed pretty, hinting one to she appreciated teasing him a lot. Both are on a primary-identity base, and that seemed to reflect exactly how comfortable they are with each other. Haruka seems to appreciate talking much which have both Kiyotaka once the better because other members of the team. She actually is including so much more unlock that have Kiyotaka and also the most other participants of your class than the others from the category.

Throughout the 2nd-Year Frequency 5, the new extent of the friendship was checked-out in unique test. Through to the test, she acted just like the mediator and you can mediator getting Airi shortly after Kei shown the lady relationship to Kiyotaka prior to the entire classification. She was hopeful one Airi might still has another opportunity since she continued bombarding Kiyotaka which have concerns pertaining to his matchmaking while relaxing off Airi when he expected the lady in order to into the previous volumes.

She then sighed heavily when Kiyotaka demonstrates that they may has actually to cosplay as the maids because of their group event, worrying that the time would not end up being people poor once the she cannot assume the brand new psychological disorder in Airi.

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