Overtime, your relationship grew and the two of you spent time together

My friends told me to text anyways because I don’t have anything to lose. When I was nervous to talk to her and I finally decided to talk to her it seems like she didn’t want to talk to me IDK why. After the reply from her saying “hey”. I went on asking her “How are you? She didn’t respond to that all-day Saturday and my friends told me to just wait because she could busy and I agree. I had posted something when I was still out with my friends and she just now view my snap that I just posted. I told one of my friends that she just recently view my snap and I ask him “What should I do or say?

So, I waited until I got home to say something like “Hey are you alive? Still no response. So the next day closely at or 10 am I saw her points on snap chat you know going up. So that means she on talking to her friends, so I decided to get her attention just in case she forgot just by typing a little something, but not sending it cause you can still get the notification when someone is typing. I did that twice and still, no responds. I waited at 7:00 or 8:00 pm to see if she will respond now. Nope still nothing, then I decided to text her that “Can we at least have a short conversation. We don’t have to have a long conversation if you don’t want to.

So just to confirm more i asked her “Why no nice women available for relationship?

I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. I wonder if I am in the wrong or she in the wrong?

The two of you shared similar interests in regards to education and faith. You then made the decision to call https://hookupdate.net/de/flirtwith-review/ her fake. You messaged her and she has not responded to you. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Justin!

She is not interested in maintaining a relationship with you

Hello, Here is my sad story. I really like this women who was my colleague for 6 months and then we moved back to our country. I knew she have a bf but i just want to be a friend. So i initiated the chat and we were texted each other since 1 month and it was good. Although she mentioned “she is not a good chatter and will not reply immediate but at some point for sure” so she replied sometime after 6 hour, 1 day, 2 day. Even i asked her phone no, she gave. Even the numbers of messages exchange was also good but after a day or 2 day. I told her i want to know her etc but did not say anything about i like her or any feelings. She might have any guess but i did not mention anything clear. So one day i asked her “she have boyfriend or not ” she replied “Yes i have boyfriend but we can chat as a friend if it is ok for you that i don’t answer immediately”. with smiley” and “How long she knows her boyfriend and when they are getting married ?” Also the next one i knew later it was a bad one. Then for 4 weeks no reply from her and even i didn’t send any.

So i texted her in whats app first “Why she is not texting back?” with friendship day wishes but no reply so then one day after i texted again in messenger “Why she is not texting back? Is she OK? You ignore my whats app text ! nice ! Don’t ignore, be more direct” and the disaster one which i should not write i understand later “I guess sometime the reply you sent are just for courtesy and not you wanted actually. Right ?” With all this i don’t have any intention to hurt her feelings, this was just to make her reply that’s all.

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