Boston Hookup Sites — 4 Sites that Will Get You Laid and Fast

Boston is considered by some as the cradle of the United States. As one of the nation’s original cities, it is steeped in history and tradition. It is truly one of the country’s gems. However, when it comes to the world of dating – more specifically, hooking up – Boston is definitely unique. If you are moving to Boston or just visiting, it will be definitely worth your while learning about the behind-the-scenes aspect of hooking up in Boston. More specifically, about the Boston hookup sites that make this process a hell of a lot easier.

– Peculiarities of Boston Hookups –

In order to appreciate why it is important to rely on Boston hookup sites to meet potential partners instead of going the “old school” route, it is important for you to know the peculiarities of the people of Boston and how they prefer to hook up.

Boston “proper” and most of its suburbs are more compact than other cities. This leads to a greater density of people. During mild weather, this makes Boston a great walking and biking town. This has also caused Bostonians to become accustomed to hooking up with people within a reasonably short distance of where they are located. It is common for people from Boston to confine their search for a hookup to one or two miles of their location. This means that when using a hookup site if you are the one that is willing to move around and travel a few miles, you will stand a better chance at finding a hookup. In other words, in Boston, you should be the one traveling the farthest to meet the other person. That will greatly increase your chances. Don’t expect a Bostonian to come to you.

Boston and its surroundings are filled with institutions of higher learning. That means that among its population there are a higher number of students that in most other cities. Undergraduate and postgraduate students abound. This means that topics related to academia or the student lifestyle are a great way to start a conversation that could lead to something deeper. Yes, that may sound counter-intuitive in other cities, but in Boston conversations about student loans or your plans to continue with graduate school can actually help you to hookup and get laid.

Boston Hookup Sites – 4 Sites that Will Get You Laid and Fast

To outsiders, people from Boston seem to exist within a bizarre dichotomy of an extroverted passion for sports and an introverted passion for the sedate and cerebral. Bostonians are notorious for their allegiance to their sports teams – and, yes, this includes the women. No matter how well you hit it off with someone from Boston, if you start talking crap about the Patriots, Celtics, or even the Bruins, chances are that you will ruin any chance that you had of getting any action.

While the extroverted side of Boston is on clear display when it comes to sports and bars, the introverted side also exists and should not be ignored. Bookstores – yes, they are still around – are still a big thing in Boston. A Bostonian could easily be downing a few beers cheering the Red Sox one day while enjoying a sedate afternoon at a bookstore or eating artisanal ice cream the next. This bizarre fusion of behaviors has led to Bostonians relying more on dating and hookup sites than people from other cities. Most take it as a given that to hookup you must go to a site or app first – not a bar or club. Hence, you must do so too – at least if you are in Boston.
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