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Employees’ Faqs

  • English FAQ (PDF)
  • Filipino FAQ – Madalas na katanungan (PDF)
  • Korean FAQ – ??? ? ????? ??? ?? ??? (PDF)
  • Samoan FAQ – O Aia Tatau mo se Tagata Galue (PDF)
  • Foreign-language FAQ – Preguntas Frecuentes de los Empleados (PDF)
  • Yup’ik FAQ – Calistet Apyutkuratuk’ait (PDF)

1) What is the minimum-wage within the Alaska? Active , Alaska’s minimum-wage are $ by the hour. This can be calculated of the multiplying all the hours worked on pay months from the $. It amount is the minimum count which are paid so you’re able to a member of staff just like the wages.

2) Really does my manager need to pay me personally way more for overtime functions? Yes, but there are several exceptions. For those who works over 8 hours instantaneously and/or higher than simply forty circumstances in one times, you need to be paid off big date-and-one-50 % of (step 1.5 times) the every hour otherwise typical salary for those more occasions that you spent some time working. Contact Wage and you may Time place of work ((907) 269-4900) if you have issues.

3) Easily am maybe not repaid per hour, do I still have to receive minimum wage and you will overtime? Yes. Regardless of what you’re paid off, whether the job is mentioned by the hour, piece-rates, fee otherwise, all employees are permitted Alaska minimum wage and you will overtime unless there is a specific different which allows or even. Speak to your regional Wage and you will Hr Management workplace to be sure.

4) Can also be my company direct us to performs overtime? Yes, however, should you performs over 8 era in one single day and you will/or higher forty days in one single day, your employer must pay your 1.five times your every hour or typical salary of these more hours more 8 and/or over 40 you worked. In the event your boss isn’t expenses you you to overtime, then you can declaration wage thieves into local Salary and you may Hr Management workplace.

5) Can be my personal workplace provide me personally “compensation day” in place of investing me overtime? Zero. Giving you comp day in place of your overtime wages isn’t legitimate into the Alaska. You’re entitled to overtime spend when you performs overtime times, and it also need to be reduced on your own salary and you may shown into the paystub.

6) Try salaried teams entitled to overtime? Being paid back an income does not mean that you aren’t eligible to discovered overtime. Particular workers are exempt out of overtime, instance professional, administrative, and professional professionals, all of which wanted very certain requirements to be fulfilled. Their actual occupations obligations, duties and exactly how you are paid off usually dictate your own qualifications having overtime.

7) How many personnel need my personal company features before he/she has to invest overtime? A grand full away from four or even more. A manager who may have a maximum of simply around three (3) teams, or reduced, can pay their/the girl employees straight-returning to all the instances worked.

Salary and you can Hr – Employees’ Faqs

8) My company explained I’m an “independent specialist.” How much does which means that? Typically, a different specialist is actually a stand-alone organization. When you find yourself operating under the direction out of a boss, but your employer calls your a separate contractor, you may be working without having any shelter and you may gurus that are taken to team, instance Workers’ Payment coverage, Unemployment Insurance, and/or Social Cover benefits. Name the latest Workers’ Settlement Office from the 269-4980, or neighborhood Wage and you may Time Management office to inquire of to have help.

9) In the morning We permitted getaway bonus pay? Perhaps not by law. This will depend into the if your manager enjoys assured to spend vacation shell out. Example: If the employer intends to spend you date-and-a-50 % of to possess work at a vacation, you would receive step one? minutes their regular rates of purchase the vacation days spent some time working. If for example the employer will not render an advantage to possess holiday spend, you will be paid simply upright-returning to getaway hours spent some time working. In the event your company intends to pay escape pay however, has not yet created a separate rate, and you also work on the vacation, you could potentially receive upright-going back to 7 occasions out-of works and you may upright returning to eight hours off escape pay.

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